In this week’s BS in Barron’s Report, Craig Slayen, a San Francisco Bay Area financial planner and investment advisor, reviews an article written in Barron’s Magazine exactly 12 months ago on HCA of America and their suspect accounting practices. In this video, he exposes an illusion in the marketplace that “researching stocks works.”

The financial press, the brokerage firms and the mutual fund companies make a lot of money getting investors to believe that certain investing illusions work. The mission of the BS in Barron’s Report is to make investors aware of these illusions, so that they stop falling into the traps that drag down long term portfolio returns.


The BS in Barron’s Report reviews an article in the Barron’s Magazine that was on the newsstand exactly one year ago each week. The report focuses on exposing the following Five Industry Illusions:

  • Our Research Works
  • Stock Picking Works
  • Timing The Markets Work
  • Track Record Investing Works
  • Forecasting Works